Christoph Wall, also known under his stage name “RageMode” is a Salzburg based “Electronic Dance Music” Artist. His productions contain a mixture of classical Analog synthesizers and modern bass driven electronic house sounds which is also called “Bass House”. With this combination he was able to gain a massive impact in the modern Electronic Dance Music scene which led to releases on labels such as “Skink” (Label founded by Showtec), “BassHouseMusic”, “2Dutch”, “Diverge Rec.” and “Gold Digger”.

Performance wise he already played his energetic sets on several Festivals such as the biggest Electronic Dance Music Festival in Austria called “Electric Love Festival”, next to artists like “Axwell and Ingrosso”, “Marshmellow” and “Dj Snake” and the “New Horizons Festival” located at the Nürburgring alongside artists like “Don Diablo”. Next to those shows he was also performing several Solo Shows across Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic.